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Apr. 7th, 2012

Last Exile - Snow White fic

in response to prompt #1 posted here

A work in progress-ish, mostly just posted here because I want to show it to the prompter and don't have anywhere else to put it.


“Once upon a time, beyond the furthest reaches of the sky, a beautiful Queen ruled over a world that was all hers. Every drop of rain that fell upon the land belonged to her, and even the parched soil that greeted it knew her name. The creatures who walked upon that land, however, were ignorant and crude. As their Queen, it was her duty to maintain order and perfection in a world that otherwise would have fallen into unsightly decay. Her subjects adored her, and she reigned from a gleaming fortress high up in the clouds, where all that surrounded her was exquisite and rare. Anything she wanted in the world was hers, and her only sorrow was that the world held nothing truly worthy of her attention.

“Then one day, while visiting a land of snow and walking through the winter Garden she maintained in that place, she happened upon a rose that was as beautiful and perfect as she.” Here Delphine always produced a rose as a prop, and let child before her touch it’s satiny red petals, in wonder and in fear. “It was of a kind she had never seen before —- what was it doing down there on the ground? As soon as she saw it, she knew not only that she must have it, but that she must cut it herself. Now, although the queen had always delighted in the sight of roses, she had never held one in her own hand before: her servants, who loved her so dearly, had always cut and arranged them for her! Imagine her surprise when, running her hand down the stem” —- and as she spoke, she guided the small white hand of the child in illustration —- “she pricked her finger on a sharp, cruel thorn.”

The barb cut clean and deep into the tender skin, drawing forth a bright red bead. Delphine held the finger out in front of the child so that the blood fell to the polished floor between them: red on white.

In reverential tones, she continued: “Never before had she fully understood the perfection of her own blood. Seeing the drop of red upon the snow-covered ground, she thought to herself … “

Here she let the child, still staring at it’s wounded finger as if in a trance, take up the tale: “I wish I had a child with blood as pure and beautiful as mine, with skin as white as snow, and hair the colour of rainbirds.”

She smiled sweetly. “That’s right, my little Dio. And because the Queen got everything she wanted, she was soon granted her wish, and was given a sibling of her own blood, with skin as white as snow, and hair the colour of rainbirds.” As she spoke these words, she stroked first the child’s pale cheek, then it’s hair, and last, lifting the still-bleading finger to her mouth, touched her tongue to the wound. “So you see,” she concluded, ” it is by my wish that you exist in this world, my dear brother. And when you are old enough, if you prove yourself worthy, you shall join me as it’s master.”

The child nodded, eyes wide.

This had been the story, from the very first day. He remembered how he had become hers —- remembered the red, red blood on something so blindingly white, it may well have been snow. Any time before that was a dream. Or perhaps that had been reality, and he was dreaming still. Either way It made little difference: if indeed it was a dream, it was her dream, and he was trapped in it.

Nov. 7th, 2010


Different versions of historical figures for whom evidence is distant and far between . . . are like multiforms of a character in fanfiction. In this light, my present assignment is to give a broad overview of all the best fanfiction that has been written on Robert Grosseteste who seriously needs to be slashed with Adam Marsh. Jove . . . that almost makes it sound fun :P.  

Idk why i'm posting here; i hardly ever post here. I suppose it struck me as the right audience. 

Jul. 7th, 2010

The Chameleon's Dish: A Hamlet Fan Community

Or: gratuitous belated promotion of a two-month old project

Already promoted this in bard_slash , figured i'd cover all bases anyhow:

Finally! A community consecrated monogamously to ALL THINGS HAMLET. Really. Anything you can post on the internet, pertaining to Hamlet, belongs here. With the possible exception of hard pornography. And, um, obnoxious hate-rants and death-threats such as have spoiled perfectly decent facebook communities (unless it's a death-threat to Claudius or a hate rant against incest ;P). : ANYHOW, I (for want of help from my lazy accomplice fog_shadow  ) bring you: chameleonsdish  

The story:
So . . . the specialized Caesar community unkindestslash  brought such glorious delight to fog_shadow and I that, sometime towards the end of last semester, we decided to create a similar community for Hamlet. Unfortunately, we did this primarily as a means of procrastination and afterward were obligated to devote our attention to the tying up of certain sundry ends before an impending deadline of TERROR. Since that time, alas, we have proceeded to procrastinate on our former procrastination, and only now am i taking up this project again. Follow the link to read more consummate introduction (typed up by fog at the time of the community's inception)

Bait: I've posted a Hamlet-Horatio fic there already (with plenty of room for pre-slash if you want it) . . . but in order to read it you have to follow the link ;P. PLUS: promise of much much more to come, from me at any rate, if there is interest ;)

Jun. 12th, 2010

My fingers no longer itch :(

Now that I at long last have the time to write fan fiction, my capacity to do so is on hold while I create a new Space of Sanity and Potential Productivity (or at least relative Contentment/Happiness) for myself here. I find that this is exceedingly more difficult to accomplish while living with three other people than with one. [whines about wanting to go back to Wittenberg]

Apr. 14th, 2010

My Fingers Itch (greetings)

Or perhaps it is my mind. At any rate, I am absolutely TWITCHING with the desire to write fanfiction. I cannot read good fanfiction without causing this to crop up in me (not to mention the fact that I eventually want to write for my own characters). The problem being: I will have time enough to write after I graduate, but there are several other things which must be done BEFORE that impending date. Namely: pass my two Latin classes, pass my two history classes, and organize the semi-formal performance of various scenes from Hamlet throughout our local castle on (hopefully) the 24th. I am trying to revive some of my shelved (but much-engrained and far-from-rusty) obsession with Hamlet in order to do this properly (about my brains!). Hum.

I played Hamlet several years ago, but the Hamlet that I played was only partly mine. This one will get to be entirely mine. I will also get to see various other people play Hamlet, amongst other characters, in various awesome locations, and under my casual direction. Main obstacle: my obsession with Julius Caesar (predominately: Brutus and Cassius, with a subjective orientation in Brutus), is still the more active one. I still cannot believe my luck at not only having lived with someone as crazy (or possibly crazier than) myself with respect to that play, someone more than willing not only to memorize Brutus-Cassius scenes and enact them in the grocery store parking lot, but to virtually BE Cassius to my Brutus - to personally take on that character to the point of using "I" and "you" in casual conversation with reference to them . . . as I say, not only all of that, but to then have had the chance to participate in a production of Julius Caesar and moreover to have actually gotten cast as Brutus, with my aforementioned flatmate as Cassius . . . I do realize that I have been immensely, inconceivably, disgustingly lucky in all of this. Being obsessed with something is fun enough, and I do not really need anything beyond that: to then have a chance to share that obsession with other awesome people in the non-virtual world (such as the theater group which put on this performance) is to be excessively fortunate. Yet now I seem to have gotten it into my mind that this is how the world should be: I have, in other words, been spoiled rotten ;).

And now I've gone on a tangent and wasted some more time which should have been spent studying latin, since I need to put off the writing of fanfiction for a later time. EVEN THOUGH I REALLY WANT TO WRITE IT [ITCH] !!!!! >_< . I need to pass my classes (part of which actually includes writing fanfiction in Latin, for which I am much enthused, except for the part where I have to clean up my grammar first and am having an immensely difficult time making myself focus), and to organize Hamlet scenes (which I also really want to do, except for the organizing part). [sigh]. Ah well. At least I have finally posted something here, as I have been meaning to for some time. Now anyone wondering about me may have this brief glimpse of the being from which this virtual identity takes its life. I may yet think of more interesting things to do with this personal post-spot in the future.