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April 2012

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Different versions of historical figures for whom evidence is distant and far between . . . are like multiforms of a character in fanfiction. In this light, my present assignment is to give a broad overview of all the best fanfiction that has been written on Robert Grosseteste who seriously needs to be slashed with Adam Marsh. Jove . . . that almost makes it sound fun :P.  

Idk why i'm posting here; i hardly ever post here. I suppose it struck me as the right audience. 


At risk of sounding pompous and overbearing (oh, wait, nevermind, I do that all the time anyway ;) ), your first revelation is nothing really new to me. I do however very much appreciate the conclusion you draw from it. :D
I was about to roll my eyes at this comment, when I realized that . . come to think of it, I can't say it was a particularly new concept to me either (indeed, I'm almost sure I've had some sort of discussion with you on the matter, especially with respect to classical and otherwise ancient history). Which really brings my terminology into question, seeing as 'revelation' kind of implies newness. Still, it felt like a revelation, especially as specifically applied to Grosseteste . . . Maybe I am a special case, in that I fall out of touch with my personal Munin frequently enough that I can have revelations more than once :P.
I enjoyed reading your observation, whether it was a new revelation to you or not! I had a fun conversation with a professor about a moment in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in which Lady Bertilak tells Gawain that he's not living up to his reputation as a ladies' man. Apparently, although Gawain is quite chaste in this story, other literary Gawains were anything but. So it's this sort of cool moment of meta-awareness. And so then I told her about fanfiction, etc, etc...and how in fandom we have that same awareness of multiple versions of a character.
haha! That discussion sounds so awesome! (come to think of it, I believe I've done simmilar things to Cassius on occasion :P) I can't wait until I get to know my profs here well enough to have such discussions . . . for the time being I must be grateful for the precious few minutes I have with my profs to discuss my research.