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April 2012

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The Chameleon's Dish: A Hamlet Fan Community

Or: gratuitous belated promotion of a two-month old project

Already promoted this in bard_slash , figured i'd cover all bases anyhow:

Finally! A community consecrated monogamously to ALL THINGS HAMLET. Really. Anything you can post on the internet, pertaining to Hamlet, belongs here. With the possible exception of hard pornography. And, um, obnoxious hate-rants and death-threats such as have spoiled perfectly decent facebook communities (unless it's a death-threat to Claudius or a hate rant against incest ;P). : ANYHOW, I (for want of help from my lazy accomplice fog_shadow  ) bring you: chameleonsdish  

The story:
So . . . the specialized Caesar community unkindestslash  brought such glorious delight to fog_shadow and I that, sometime towards the end of last semester, we decided to create a similar community for Hamlet. Unfortunately, we did this primarily as a means of procrastination and afterward were obligated to devote our attention to the tying up of certain sundry ends before an impending deadline of TERROR. Since that time, alas, we have proceeded to procrastinate on our former procrastination, and only now am i taking up this project again. Follow the link to read more consummate introduction (typed up by fog at the time of the community's inception)

Bait: I've posted a Hamlet-Horatio fic there already (with plenty of room for pre-slash if you want it) . . . but in order to read it you have to follow the link ;P. PLUS: promise of much much more to come, from me at any rate, if there is interest ;)