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Sum ut gignam-cum. (I exist in order that I may generate-with).

"generating-with" is sort of a spin-off of Sartrean terminology. It refers to that part of my creative existence which thrives through interacting with other people. Put otherwise: I am here for the purpose of indulging in communal obsessions and fic exchanges. Anyone who wishes to see a comprehensive collection of my online writing (or a more comprehensive bio) may do so at Fanfiction.net under the account of Creare (see "Website").

my interests are still highly incomplete, mostly only referencing things directly related to my activity in this account plus a quick sketch of my general aesthetic and nonspecific interests (ie interests not tied to anything created specifically by or pertaining specifically to any one other person or community of people . . . therefore perhaps my most purely antisocial interests).

note: 'pleasing sounds' includes things like the sound of chocolate chips or swedish fish clacking against each other. Alas, "the sound of swedish fish" is too long to constitute a valid "interest".